Memory Foam Mattresses are made with Aloe Vera, a non-allergenic Polyester fabric. Thanks to these unique characteristics, our mattresses offer a new level of comfort, particularly in warm summer months!

These mattresses come with a Jersey removable cover, 3D AIR SPACE breathable side band with customised ribbons and side handles.

Pocket Spring Mattresses are made with a high quality stretch cashmere, a non-allergenic Polyester fabric.

Every spring is cushioned in a single individual pocket, offering a higher autonomy for every spring that compresses only under pressure, leaving the other ones free giving your body a new level of support and a better sleeping experience!

Fresh Gel Memory Foam mattresses are made best suited for whomever suffers from allergies or for anyone looking for firm support without giving up on the wellbeing of the fresh foam Memory effect.

Thanks to natural features Fresh Gel offers perfect relaxation, especially during warm weather where the open cell structure makes it 200% more breathable than any other traditional foam.

The different colours of the MIRACLE Stretch Luxe high quality fabric, filling in polyester fiber, represent the different foam densities.

Having different densities increases the comfort received, allowing the body to relax with high orthopedic benefits. The right support and the correct posture are all being achieved by the mattress inner structure.

This mattresses comes with 3D AIR SPACE breathable side band with customised ribbons and side handles.